Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cloud's Tea Collection

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Since I created the "Cloud's Tea Collection - Internet Articles" section in my personal tea photo album website, using this free public blog (it seems a bit difficult for me to control the panel) is not convenient.

Please visit Cloud's Tea Collection at

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28 October 2007
Cloud (Hong Kong)
Cloud's Tea Collection - Private Tea Album


At 5:10 AM, Blogger tony109 said...

Dear Cloud, I am very interested in your tea. I am in UK. My friend in Shanghai sent me a circular cake of pu-erh tea. It is in a square cardboard presentation box with yellow silk lining, and a brown leaflet inside. There are characters mounded into the surface of the cake, my friend told me it means "be rich and have long life". The edges of the cake are sharp right-angles. The cake is very hard and dense and dark colour, it is very hard to break it. I tried using the letter knife like in your youtube video but the cake is too hard to push the knife in. So I broke a piece off with a mallet to try it, the tea is a golden-brown colour and tastes good.
I would like to take some photos of
the box and the cake and email to you and ask you if you can identify it, it will be very interesting to find out. My friend told me the cake is from someone who is a tea collector. Can I email you the photos?


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