Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cloud's Tea Collection

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Since I created the "Cloud's Tea Collection - Internet Articles" section in my personal tea photo album website, using this free public blog (it seems a bit difficult for me to control the panel) is not convenient.

Please visit Cloud's Tea Collection at

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Thanks for coming.

28 October 2007
Cloud (Hong Kong)
Cloud's Tea Collection - Private Tea Album

Friday, September 08, 2006

This is my First Post of my Tea Collection

Hello everybody,

As you may know, I have alreayd had a blog call "Cloud's Puerh Tea Collection". However, apart from collecting Puerh Tea, I collect other old teas as well as such old Oolong tea and some Wuyi tea.

Therefore, I think I would like to also register another account so that my sub-domine ( can have a wider represention.

Cloudstea means that my collection does not confine to Puerh Tea only.

Of course, you are also welcome to visit my "Cloud's Puerh Tea Collection" at

Anyway, let's see how is going on. I may consider to consolidate both blogs in the future.

Hope you will enjoy my blog.

Desceiption to the photo: Sometimes, I will use a specially home use designed bamboo equipment to dry my tea over a fire (actually, heat generated by electricity). This can modify the taste of oolong tea.